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February 6th, 2015              

    I was unable to attend Jayden's first big Girl Scouts event, the International Night, due to a couple other sporting events for the kids this evening, but Tara felt it was most important that she be there to support Jay. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of information to add about the evening's events, except to say that Jayden and her troupe were on stage to give a presentation about Thailand, and they did very well for their first time on stage together. Jay really seemed to enjoy her evening, and was all smiles as she told the rest of the family about everything that she did. Thanks to my lack of information, I will leave you with photos to enjoy instead!

Girl Scouts International Night

All of the different countries on stage to open the event.

Jayden leading her Girl Scout troupe across the stage.

Jay and her troupe coming out on stage once again.

Jay and her troupe performing their dance routine.

Another shot of the girls in their dance routine.

And one more shot of Jay and her fellow scouts on stage during their dance routine.


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