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February 21st, 2015              


    Tyler, Samantha, & I participated in our first 5k race of the year on Saturday, February 21st. The race was the "Run Your Ice Off 5K" and took place on/near the campus of the University of Michigan - Flint. Although my results weren't anywhere near my best ever, that is entirely due to my total lack of training this year. Tyler stayed by my side the entire race, but he was in no mood to really give it his all after spending the previous night at an all night party and getting little sleep throughout the day. Samantha started out by sticking with us, saying that she wouldn't be able to handle it after not running in a long time. She eventually headed off in front of us, and she should have much sooner. She wound up finishing with a net time of 30:38 and a clock time of 30:56, good enough for 109th place overall - but most importantly, first place overall in her age group!!! Tyler came in with a net time of 40:14 and a clock time of 40:33, which put him in 195th place. I was right behind him with a net time of 40:17 and a clock time of 40:36, which put him in 196th place. Not that great considering attendance was down this year, with only 231 runners finishing the race.

Run Your Ice Off 5k

Tyler, Rodney, and Samantha turning a corner early in the race.

Sam making her way across the U of M campus.

Sam on her way to the finish line.

Tyler and Rodney walking on the opposite side of the Flint River.

Tyler and Rod slowly making their way through the course.

Tyler and Rod nearing the U of M campus.

Rod and Tyler running up the ramp towards the finish line.

    And now, the results...

Run Your Ice Off 5k Race Results

Rodney's overall standings - 196th out of 231 racers.

Rod's standing by the male 40-44 age group.

Tyler's overall standings - 195th out of 231 racers.

Tyler's standing by the male 14-15 age group.

Samantha's overall standings - 109th out of 231 racers.

Sam's standing by the female 1-13 age group.


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