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July 26th, 2015              

    One day after making the long drive to Tahquamenon Falls to explore the falls we loaded back into the car to take Carlos to see our favorite university town, Ann Arbor! Here are some photos of our time spent wandering through the downtown and campus area...

Ann Arbor

While the kids were inside a store I found this cute little family of rocks hiding out in a flowerbed.

Ann Arbor even has drinking fountains for our four legged friends!

A look at downtown Ann Arbor.

The State Theater.

Carlos, Tyler, Mariah, and Samantha heading towards the quad.

A little squirrel friend that we saw in the quad area...

...who turned out to be quite friendly.

The American flag flying high in the sky on a beautiful day.

A look across the quad.

The old Medical Building.

Tara's favorite part of campus - the law library.

Tyler and Carlos making their way towards the law library.

The inside of the law library.

Another photo from inside the law library (the newer part, obviously).

Another shot near the law library...

...and another.

Another building on campus.

Carlos, Samantha, Tyler, and Mariah making their way into the graffiti alley.

Mariah and Sam - "For the best girls I know".

Tyler checking out the artwork in the alley.

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