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October 2nd, 2016              

Game #3

Evolution Sportsplex - Auburn Hills 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Michigan Impact 1 2 3
Carpathia Kickers U17 M00G 0 1 1

    Samantha and her Michigan Impact teammates faced off against the Carpathia Kickers in today's contest, in a game that was moved indoors due to the tremendous amount of rain that has soaked the area recently (this, despite the fact that the Impact girls played outside yesterday in the rain and the sun was shining outside today). The Impact girls dominated the ball through much of the first half, but struggled to find the back of the net. Late in the half they managed to find the back of the net, giving them a 1-0 lead going into halftime. With the team's regular goalkeeper unable to play today the team rotated through three different subs, with Sam being the third and final player in goal. Unfortunately for her the team seemed to ease up a bit in front of her when she went in, and a breakaway shot was lofted over her head and she was unable to make the save. This tied the game up, and Sam was extremely angry with herself for not being able to make the play. Thankfully her team managed to bail her out, scoring two goals in the final 15 minutes of action to give her team a 3-1 victory!

Michigan Impact Game 3 - at Carpathia Kickers U17 M00G

Samantha charging the net to pressure the keeper on a corner kick.

Sam looking up at the ball as she prepares for a header... knock the ball (and her headgear) down in front of her.

Sam lining up a corner kick...

...and booting the ball...

...and watching it sail towards the net.

Sam going up for the ball once again while holding off an opposing player.

Sam passing the ball to an out of frame teammate.

Samantha moved to goal midway through the second half of today's contest.

She was in a good mood while the action was underway down the field...

...but a lofted shot that sailed over her head to tie the game changed her mood to the opposite end of the spectrum.


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