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October 11th, 2016              

Game #4

Friendship Park - Lake Orion 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Michigan Impact 1 1 2
at TSC Alliance 00G Black 0 0 0

    Despite a busy weekend of tournament games and travel back and forth from the Chicago area, the girls returned to the practice field yesterday to prepare for tonight's make-up game against the TSC Alliance. This is a team that several of the newer Impact players had previously played for, so none of them wanted to lose tonight. Thankfully the Impact girls didn't appear to be too tired from all of their recent work and managed to jump out to the first half lead with a ping-pong goal that bounced off several offensive and defensive players before finally settling into the back of the net. As has happened several times with this team, they were able to generate a lot of offensive attacks on the opposing goal, but really struggled making good on those chances. For the majority of the second half the Alliance team was only a single break away from tying the game, but the Impact defense was able to shut them down. On the other end of the field the Impact eventually broke through once again, this time late in the second half, to seal the victory with a 2-0 score. The win moves the girls to 3-1-0 on the season. Go Impact!

Michigan Impact Game 4 - at TSC Alliance 00G Black

Samantha driving the ball down the field...

...and completing a pass ahead to a teammate.

Sam moving towards the action along the sideline.

Sam knocking the ball high into the air after a header.

Sam using her body to shield the opposing player from the ball and completing the steal.

Sam making a move on an Alliance player...

...and moving the ball away from her.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field as a defending player nears her...

...before Sam puts on the breaks...

...and drives away from her.

Sam going up high for a loose ball.

Samantha preparing to knock down the ball.

Sam driving down the field with her teammates following.

Samantha dribbling the ball once again.

Sam lining up a kick...

...and making contact with the ball.

Sam going towards the ball as it comes down from high in the air.

Sam dribbling the ball once again.

Sam with a defender closing in on her...

...before she calmly moves the ball between her legs for the successful "nutmeg"!

Sam lining up a shot on goal that sailed just wide.

Sam moving into position to try and steal the opposing players pass.


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