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October 30th, 2016              

Game #8

Total Sports Park - Washington 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Michigan Impact 0 1 1
National Macomb 00G Red 1 0 1

    Samantha and Impact soccer team traveled to Washington (Township) to take on the National Red team. This game wasn't quite as physical as yesterday's contest, though there were certainly moments of pushiness between the two teams (including an excellent tackle from a National player on an Impact defender). Watching the game today it seemed as though the Impact team wasn't really into being on the field. The weather wasn't exactly nice, as it was cool and windy, so perhaps that played into their lethargy. Either way, they struggled to a 1-0 halftime deficit. They woke up slightly in the second half, enough to tie things up anyway. There wasn't a lot for either team to get excited about, and the game ended in a draw, with each team finding the back of the net once.

Michigan Impact Game 8 - at National Macomb 00G Red

Samantha passing the ball ahead to a teammate.

Sam intercepting the ball from a National player...

...before nearly colliding with each other.

Sam sending the ball down the field.

Sam playing the ball along the sideline.

Sam moving into position on a corner kick.

Sam taking a sideline throw-in.

Sam preparing to take a direct kick...

...and lining up the ball...

...and sending it towards the goal.

Sam playing the ball.

Samantha lining up another direct kick...

...and sending the ball towards the wall in front of her.

Sam dribbling the ball...

...before making a pass across to a teammate.

Sam with the ball getting ready for another sideline throw-in.


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