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May 14th, 2016              

    Samantha and her Venice Falcons teammates headed in to game 2 of the Best of the Bay Tournament against the St. Pete Raiders in their second contest of the day. This time the game was a tad more interesting than the earlier game, as both teams managed to find the back of the net. Thankfully for Falcons fans, the Venice girls found it once more than the Raiders while securing a 2-1 victory!

Venice Falcons - Best of the Bay Tournament Game 2 - at St. Pete Raiders 99/00

Samantha in position while waiting for play to resume.

Sam running across the field towards the ball.

Sam catching her breath during a break in the action on the hot day.

Sam and her teammates forming a defensive wall.

Sam lining up a free kick...

...and booting the ball down the field.

Sam watching as the action takes place in front of her.

Sam looking back across the field.

A close-up of Samantha.

Sam running across the field once again.


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