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February 28th, 2016              

    I wasn't able to attend this game, but this was an important game for the Venice Falcons in their quest to advance in the Region Cup tournament. Unfortunately, things didn't go there way during the course of this game. They fell behind early, and were never able to get completely back into the game. They wound up falling by a score of 3-1, ending their tournament earlier than they had hoped.

Venice Falcons Region Cup Game 3 - vs. Chargers SC HFC G99-00 Elite

Samantha talking to her teammates before the start of the game.

Sam running across the field.

Sam moving towards the soccer ball.

Sam watching as her pass heads towards a teammate.

Sam adjusting her hair during a break in the action.

Sam running down the field towards the action.

Sam moving into position to fight for the ball.

Sam getting her foot on the ball...

...and sending it high over an opposing player.

Samantha heading after the ball...

...and fighting for possession.

Sam chasing an opposing player down the field.

Sam looking at the action taking place across the field.

Sam with possession of the ball as a defender approaches.

Sam was a little disappointed with her team's play to this point.

Sam working on settling down the ball in the middle of the field.

Sam gaining control of the ball...

...and making a pass to a teammate.

Sam taking a corner kick...

...and watching the follow through.


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