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April 24th, 2016              

    Samantha has been playing with the U18 team during their trip to the State Cup tournament, and they came into today's game know what they needed a victory to secure their spot in the next round. After playing the #5 team in the state in an extremely close game yesterday, the girls knew that they had it in them to do what was needed today. Thankfully they came out fired up and ready to play. The girls maintained possession of the ball for the majority of the game, and were able to find the back of the net late in the first half to take a 1-0 lead into halftime.  They maintained their intensity in the second half, and found the back of the net once more to grab a 2-0 lead. Although the Clay County team did their best to battle back, the Falcons held strong and kept them from reaching the back of the net, winning the game 2-0 and securing their spot in the State Cup Sweet Sixteen. Way to go girls!

Venice Falcons U18 State Cup Game 3 - vs. Clay County SC 97 Sol Black

Samantha running down the field next to a taller (and presumably older) opposing player.

Sam watching the ball as it bounces through the air.

Sam dribbling the ball as opposing players close in.

A close-up of Sam in action.

Sam was a bit frustrated at times during the game, but kept her composure (though the other team seemed to lose theirs).

Sam moving into position to help out on the ball.

Sam running down the field.

Sam gaining control of the ball in front of an opposing player.

Sam racing down the far side of the field with two defenders in tow...

...and lining up a kick...

...and contacting the ball...

...but not getting as much on it as she wanted, as the ball rolled to the keeper slower than she would have liked.

Samantha resting during a break in the action late in the game.


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