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January 5th, 2016              

    This evenings game took us to Lakewood Ranch. Samantha started out playing in her usual position as a midfielder. Watching tonight's game it was easy to tell that this long season has taken its toll on the girls, and they are starting to lose a bit of energy and enthusiasm. Sam was playing pretty well and playing an aggressive game. While challenging the opponent, she twisted her knee and wound up laying on the ground for quite some time. The ref eventually stopped play and waved her coach onto the field before eventually carrying her off towards the bench. This would mark the end of her playing time for the evening. I made my way to the bench after receiving a dreaded call from the coach. Thankfully, one of the parents of a player on the Venice team is a physical therapist. He checked Sam out and shared that it appeared as though Sam had a level 1 injury to her right MCL. Sam has been battling an injury to her left MCL since last winter/spring, which has caused her to miss some time here and there. It was believed that as long as Sam rested her knee and kept it iced that she should be fine. I gave her a blanket and some Tylenol, before heading back to the stands to watch the rest of the game. Venice ended up losing 1-0 on a late goal in the second half of the game.

Venice Indians Varsity Soccer Game 21 - at Lakewood Ranch High School

Samantha chasing down the ball from behind.

Sam looking across as the action changes sides of the field.

Sam being carried off the field after hurting her knee.


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