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August 7th, 2016              

    Today's ceremony brought the 59th annual CANUSA games to a close after a great weekend of competition and bonding between players and countries. The closing ceremony was a far less formal event than the opening ceremony two days earlier. The athletes and parents mingled together while thanks were made and trophies were handed out. Both Flint U10 and U12 hockey teams split their series at one win apiece, while the U14 team ended up going 0-2 (though in the second game some players from each team switched sides, so I'm not sure how they decided that Hamilton was the victor in that one). That meant that Hamilton won the ice hockey event 4 games to 2. In the overall games standings, the Americans beat the Canadians by a score of 7-6. Once the presentations were over the kids were free to head back to the buses for the long ride home or, as Drew did with me, ride home with a parent.

    When I asked Drew if he was interested in playing again, he wasn't sure if he wanted to or not. This year's games were supposed to be in Flint, but the water crisis there forced a return to Hamilton. This piqued Drew's interest, as he had such a great time last year. He ended up enjoying himself greatly once again, and is even willing to billet a Hamilton player next year if he is able to play.


CANUSA Games - Closing Ceremony

A look at the crowd mingling before the start of the closing ceremony.

The Canadian, CANUSA, and American flags flying at the ceremony.

A Flint speaker thanking the Hamilton crowd for their hospitality and a great weekend.

A Hamilton official talking to the crowd.


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