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August 5th, 2016              

    Drew joined his CANUSA hockey teammates at Flint Southwestern Academy at 7:00am this morning for the bus ride across the border, heading to Bernie Arbour Memorial Stadium for the Opening Ceremony of the 59th Annual CANUSA Games. Tara & I followed closely behind in our car for the drive east.

CANUSA Games - Leaving Flint

The US hockey team got assigned a pretty special bus - that of the OHL Flint Firebirds hockey team!

Drew standing with the Flint Firebirds bus before departing for Canada.

    Once we all arrived in Hamilton, we listened to dignitaries from both Hamilton and Flint speak about the honor of representing their cities and countries in the CANUSA games. Once the flags were presented, the torch was delivered and lit, and the ceremonies were complete, we met up with Drew on the field so that we could be introduced to his billet family for the weekend. Drew wound up being hosted by a young man named Jake and his family.

CANUSA Games - Opening Ceremony

The CANUSA flag flying prior to the start of the opening ceremony.

The flags of both countries entering the stadium.

Athletes representing both Hamilton and Flint entering the stadium.

The CANUSA banner being walked in to the stadium.

The Flint athletes in the bleachers. Drew is in the crowd if you look closely.

Standing for the national anthems of both countries.

The Canadian, CANUSA, and American flags at attention.

A Flint representative talking to the athletes and fans.

The Hamilton police chief talking to the crowd.

Flint track and field athletes running the torch on to the field.


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