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November 20th, 2016              

Game #10

Kensington Valley Ice House - Brighton 1st 2nd 3rd Final
'05 Lapeer Storm 1 1 1 3
KV Renegades 4 4 4 12

    There isn't a lot to say about today's contest... The Renegades really handed the Storm players their hats today. It really wasn't that the Storm played terrible, it's just that the Renegades had a couple of players that were that good. Of course you don't lose this badly and play a strong game, though they never gave up hope despite the fact that the outcome of the game was pretty much decided early. To beat a team like this it takes every player being on top of his or her game, and today our goalie struggled. He has kept us in a lot of games so far this year, so an off day was to be expected at some point. After falling behind by four goals early, Drew finally managed to put the Storm on the board with a one-timer past the goalie in the first period. Both the second and third periods were similar to the first, as the Renegades scored early before the Storm found a way to break the ice. When it was all over, the final score was 12-3, with the Storm on the very short end of the stick.

'05 Lapeer Storm Game 10 - at KV Renegades

Drew and his Lapeer Storm teammates waiting to get on the ice to warm up for today's contest.

The Storm team listening to the coaches before the gme.

Drew moving towards the puck on a faceoff.

Drew facing off against the Renegades tallest player (#71).

Drew battling big #71 in front of the net...

...before they both went down to the ice.

Drew looking across as his teammate battles for the puck.

Drew playing the puck along the boards.

Drew playing the puck against the boards once again.

Drew firing a shot on net.

Drew and big #71 against each other during a faceoff... Drew gets the inside line to the puck on him.

The final score of today's game was an ugly 12-3 loss for the Storm.

Drew going through the handshake line.

Drew giving a fist bump to #71.


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