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December 10th, 2016              

Game #15

Bay County Civic Center - Bay City 1st 2nd 3rd Final
'05 Lapeer Storm 1 0 2 3
Bay County Blizzard 1 2 3 6

    Rematch weekend continues as the Lapeer Storm team faces off against the Bay County Blizzard in their second game of the weekend. The previous time these two teams faced off resulted in a 10-0 loss for the Storm. Today's game showed some major progress for the Storm, as they grabbed the lead with an early goal. It looked as though they would hold that lead into the first intermission, but a late Blizzard goal evened things up at a goal apiece heading into the second period. Neither team was able to muster many quality chances in the second, until the Blizzard once again managed to find the back of the net late in the period, this time with two quick goals. The final period was played pretty evenly, as the two teams took turns scoring goals. Even though the score was closer in this game than in their last meeting, the Storm team wasn't able to close the gap enough to grab a victory today, as they fell by a 6-3 score.

'05 Lapeer Storm Game 15 - at Bay County Blizzard

Drew coming on to the ice during pregame player introductions.

Drew moving the puck across to a teammate.

Drew playing the puck along the boards.

Drew lining up a shot...

...and firing the puck on goal.

Drew waiting for the faceoff.

Drew playing the puck behind the net.

Drew battling along the boards.

Drew looking to move the puck ahead.

Drew looking to get out on a breakaway...

...but getting tripped up a bit by a stick in the skates...

...before losing the puck in front of him.

Drew chasing after the puck along the boards.

Drew holding off a Blizzard player...

...and lining up a shot on goal.

Drew moving the puck into the zone.

Drew surrounded by Blizzard players in front of the net.

The final score today was another Storm loss, this time by a 6-3 score.

Drew and his teammates in the handshake line.


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