Game 16

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December 11th, 2016              

Game #16

Optimist Ice Arena - Jackson 1st 2nd 3rd Final
'05 Lapeer Storm 1 1 0 2
Jackson B&M 2 3 3 8

    The Storm team took to the rink for the third time this weekend, in yet another rematch game. The previous time they faced the B&M team from Jackson they fell by a score of 9-1 and were looking to build on their previous two outings. Things looked promising when they found the back of the net less than a minute into the game. They held on to the lead for nearly 10 minutes before a power play goal by B&M evened things up. A B&M goal late in the period gave them a 2-1 lead heading into the second. Two more power play goals as well as a shorthanded tally opened the game up before the Storm team was able to answer back with one of their own, making the score 5-2 going into the final period. That period was all B&M as they opened their lead even further, putting away the Storm team with an 8-2 victory.

'05 Lapeer Storm Game 16 - at Jackson B&M

Drew moving towards the puck after a faceoff.

Drew looking for a pass in front of the net.

Drew fighting for the puck along the boards.

Drew looking for the puck as his shot was kicked aside by the B&M goalie.

Drew chasing after the puck in the corner.

Drew in position on a faceoff.

Drew playing the puck with his feet.

Drew colliding with a kid behind the goal...

...before knocking him down.

Drew lining up a shot in front of the goal...

...and taking the shot...

...that trickled just wide.

Drew battling for position in front of the net...

...before finally knocking the opposing player down. They both ended up in the penalty box for the aggressive play.

Drew moving the puck ahead from the side boards.

The final score was all Jackson B&M, as they took today's game by a score of 8-2.

Drew going through the handshake line.


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