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December 17th, 2016              

Game #17

Polar Palace Arena Complex - Lapeer 1st 2nd 3rd Final
'05 Lapeer Storm 0 0 0 0
vs. KV Renegades 2 5 1 8

    Based on the result of the contest between these two teams in their previous meeting, there wasn't much of an expectation that the Storm team would be coming out on top in today's game. This isn't so much based on one team being heads and shoulders above the other, it has to do with a couple of players on one team being heads and shoulders better. Of course it was those few kids that the Storm team struggled with. As they fell further and further behind you could begin to see the Storm's energy level begin to drop. By the third period the Renegades had called off the dogs a bit, but our team had seemingly given up at that point. The result? An 8-0 loss...

'05 Lapeer Storm Game 17 - vs. KV Renegades

Drew sporting the assistant captain's "A" on his sweater as he skates across the ice during pregame warmups.

Lined up for a faceoff.

Drew bringing the puck into the offensive zone...

...and dropping it off for his teammate to take a shot with.

Drew looking for a rebound in front of the net.

Drew looking to take a shot on net.

Drew battling for the puck along the boards...

...holding off a smaller KV player.

Drew looking for a lane to pass the puck to a teammate to from behind the goal.

Drew coming to a stop in the corner.

The final score wasn't what the Storm team was hoping for, as they fell by a score of 8-0.

Drew making his way through the handshake line.


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