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May 21st, 2016              

    Drew and his teammates to the field for the first game of the City Cup tournament. This tournament is a double elimination type, meaning that if you lose you get another chance. Frankly, I didn't give the Harn R/O team much of a chance today, as they had lost their previous three games against Caithness by a combined score of 47-15. It had been a rough go for our favorite boys.

    Things weren't looking good early for Harn, either, as they failed to put up much of a threat during their first at-bats, then quickly allowed the maximum 5 runs while in the field. Based on the previous games, this wasn't exactly what any of us wanted to see happen. Drew got an at-bat in the second inning, and despite a big swing he wound up driving the ball about 5 feet from home plate. He was able to leg it out, however, making it to first base before the throw got there, while the runner on third was able to make it home safely as well. He quickly found himself on third base after two successful steals, before a teammate drove him in to score one of his team's two runs for the inning. Harn took to the field to play some really good defense, with Drew getting the final out on an inning ending double play, leaving the score 5-2.

    The third inning was a good one for the Harn team at the plate, as they managed to plate the max 5 runs take a two run lead. In the field they again played strong, with Drew tagging out a runner near first base. They did give up a run, making it a 7-6 score in favor of Harn. Inning 4 gave Drew another chance to bat, and he wound up drawing a walk. He once again stole second and third bases before being brought home to score another of his team's two runs for the inning. Back in the field, the Caithness team was once again unable to score a run, and Drew once again accounted for an out at first base. The teams headed into the fifth inning with a 9-6 lead.

    Things were looking good as the Harn boys headed to the plate once again. Though they only scored a single run, it was Drew who drive it in with a sacrifice, giving him two RBI on the day. The defense was looking good too, as they quickly got two outs against the Caithness team, including a throw to Drew for an out at first base. A pop-up that Drew wound up missing would lead to his team giving up two runs later in the inning however, cutting their lead down to 10-8. In the sixth and final inning, the Harn team managed to score an additional run, bringing their total to 11. Caithness had the last at-bats, and a chance to score the necessary runs to secure a victory. A great pitching appearance for Drew's teammate led to three straight strikeouts, earning the save and giving the Harn R/O team their biggest victory of the season with an 11-8 victory, moving them to the next round of the playoffs.

    I can honestly say that, although I haven't gotten to witness as many games as I would have liked, this was far and away the best game that this team has played together. They played a great game in the field and at the plate. It was a great sight to see, and the victory exemplified all of the hard work that they put in this season. It literally brought a tear to my eye as they celebrated on the field. Great job boys, and great job Drew!

Harn R/O - City Cup Game 1 - at Caithness Construction

Drew in the field at first base.

Drew looking for a hit in his first at-bat of the game.

Drew drove the ball deep into the field - about five feet out from the plate...

...but he made it safely to first base, before stealing second base...

...and then third base on an overthrow.

Drew listening to his third base coach.

A close-up of Drew on third base.

Drew heading to first base after drawing a walk in his second at-bat.

Drew on first base, watching the pitch.

Drew on second base after a successful steal.

Drew taking off for third base for another steal.

Drew stretching out for the ball at first base...

...and hanging on for the out!

This was the must-see game today - even the Tampa Bay Rays mascot was in attendance!

Drew back in the field at first base.

Drew reaching up for a pop fly.

Drew completing another out at first base.


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