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March 24th, 2016              

    Drew's Harn R/O team took on the Kinetico team today, for their 10th game of the season. Drew spent the entire game playing first base (except for one inning where he took his turn on the bench). He fielded a couple of grounders, getting a couple outs in the field, including a tag on a runner headed towards first base. He got two at-bats today, striking out in his first at-bat and getting a single in his second plate appearance. Ultimately the game wasn't a good one overall for the Harn team, as they suffered another defeat, losing by a score of 8-0.

Harn R/O Game 10 - vs. Kinetico

Drew playing first base, ready for some action.

Drew standing at first a runner takes off for second base.

Drew fielded the ball and went down the line to tag out the runner on his way to first.

Drew swinging at a pitch...

...and fouling the ball back to the catcher.

Drew back on first base.

Drew swinging at a pitch...

...and lining the ball through the infield...

...and getting congratulations from the first base coach after reaching base safely.

Drew wound up making his way to third base on steals.


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