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April 14th, 2016              

    Like the last game, Drew made an out while batting in the first inning today. This time it was a strikeout. He pitched once again, and struggled there as well. He moved to third base after throwing all of his pitches, which is a position he hasn't spent much time at in his career. After sitting out an inning, he finally got another chance at the plate, and he delivered with a single before eventually coming home to score. He spent the rest of the game playing first base in the field, but didn't return to the plate. After a terrible loss in their last game, the Harn R/O team battled back from a 0-5 score to tie today's game 7-7 before falling at the end, losing 8-7. Way to battle boys...

Harn R/O Game 15 - at Montgomery Carpets

Drew toeing the rubber as the starting pitcher.

Drew throwing a pitch.

Drew getting ready to throw once again...

...and winding up.

Drew ready to step into the batters box...

...and practicing his swing.

Drew swinging the bat for a single..

...and making it safely to first base.

Drew in the field playing first base.


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