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April 21st, 2016              

    Unfortunately I have not done a good job updating the site, and due to the amount of time since this game I do not have much information to share with you. I do know that Drew played first base and spent some time pitching during the course of the game. He got a couple of hits as well as a couple stolen bases. As for the rest of the detail, I'll have to let the pictures explain Harn R/O's 11-4 defeat at the hands of the HITT Team.

Harn R/O Game 17 - at Hitt Team

Drew at the plate, looking for a hit.

Drew getting ready to swing.

Drew running down the first base line.

Drew on second base after stealing the bag.

Drew playing first base in the field.

Drew taking his turn on the mound.

Drew preparing himself before throwing the ball.

Drew getting set...

...and winding up... throw the ball...

...before following through.

Drew swinging the bat during his second at-bat...

...and racing towards first...

...and winding up safely on first base for a single.

Drew racing to second base on a steal.

Drew winding up...

...and throwing another pitch.

Drew throwing to another batter...

...and taking aim at the plate.


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