Game 18

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April 23rd, 2016              

    Well, I finally got the chance to attend another one of Drew's baseball games, so I should have a lot of information about it to share with you. Unfortunately, it has been far too long between the game and the time I sat down to update the website for me to actually remember a whole lot about the actual game play! I can tell you that Drew spent most of the game playing first base, as has become his usual position. He accounted for a couple of outs while at first, but he also missed a pop-up by moving in to close. He spent part of one inning in relief on the mound, after his team had allowed a few runs in the inning already. At the plate Drew took a walk and was hit by a pitch, and he cranked out a single. Regardless of his exploits in the field and at the plate, it wasn't enough, as his team scuffled their way to a 16-5 defeat to the Caithness Construction team their third big loss of the year to this team.

Harn R/O Game 18 - vs. Caithness Construction

Drew and his teammates reciting the Little League pledge before the start of the game.

Drew moving in for a pop fly along the first base line...

...but realizing that he went in too far...

...before picking up the ball and finding the runner at first.

Drew ducking under a pitch that sailed over his head.

Drew swinging at a pitch and fouling the ball straight back.

Drew playing first, towering over the runner on the bag.

Drew in position to receive the throw from the pitcher...

...and reaching out to make the grab...

...and keeping his foot on the bag while securing the ball... complete the out.

Drew reaching to his right to try to snare a wild throw.

Drew swinging at a pitch that he liked...

...but popping it up (the ball ended up landing in foul territory).

Drew crouching down as the ball sails behind him.

Drew back at first base in the next inning, holding the other team's "main guy" on base.

Drew moved to the mound in a relief appearance later that inning.

Drew winding up...

...and reaching back...

...and throwing the pitch.

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