Game 21

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May 5th, 2016              

    As seems to always be the case, I am late getting the website updated with game information, meaning I don't have a lot to share about the game. I do know that Drew spent 4 innings playing first base (and one taking his turn on the bench). He only batted twice, drawing a walk both times. His team struggled at the plate early and in the field the whole game, and wound up falling today by a score of 12-5.

Harn R/O Game 21 - vs. Sertoma

Drew in the field at his "home", first base.

Drew looking as his teammates bungle all over the field during a play.

Drew at the plate, looking for a hit.

Drew watching a pitch skip past him...

...before drawing a walk.

Drew at the plate once again.

Drew ducking under a pitch over his head.


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