Game 8

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March 10th, 2016              

    Unfortunately, due to busy schedules and the amount of time that has passed before my site update, I do not have much information to share about tonight's game. I do know that Drew played first base, right field, and then back to first base today and he walked twice while looking for a hit. Please enjoy the pictures of Harn R/O's 16-6 loss to Caithness anyway.

Harn R/O Game 8 - at Caithness Construction

Drew keeping an eye on the ball as he looks for a hit.

Drew stepping into the batters box.

Drew stepping out of the box as the ball got past the catcher.

Drew found himself on third base late in the game.

Drew playing first base.

The final score was a 16-6 loss for the Harn R/O team.


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