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April 23rd, 2016              

    The family gathered at Gary & Terry's house for a fish fry dinner after our morning games (soccer and baseball) wrapped up. While waiting to eat we were joined by a little blue bird taking a bath. Of course I had to take some pictures!

Bird Bath

Mr. blue bird on the edge of the bath, and not on my shoulder...

The blue bird in the bath.

After leaving, the bird came back to frolic in the bath once again.

The blue bird splashing around in the water.

    After eating dinner, Drew got a hold of my camera and had some fun taking pictures outside.

Kids Being Kids

Drew taking a picture of Marissa and Samantha as they flash their "gang" symbols.

Erica, Rodney, Tara, Beulah, and Steven hanging out around the table, sharing stories.

Steve posing for a picture.

Another look at Sam.

And another picture of Marissa.

Drew taking a goofy faced selfie as Marissa photobombs him.

Another selfie by Drew.


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