Independence Day

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July 4th, 2016              

    Being new to Venice we weren't exactly sure where to best spot to view the fireworks would be. We found a nice spot on the beach - not too crowded, easy access to the car and the road out - and settled in. The kids played on the beach and in the water as we enjoyed a beautiful sunset before it was time to settle in and watch the show. While we could see everything clearly from our cozy spot on the beach, we weren't quite as close as we would have liked to have been. We could never really hear the boom from the fireworks (until the grand finale, and then it was a very delayed sound. Regardless, we enjoyed spending the evening together as a family in our new home (well, except Tyler, who decided it was time to stretch his wings as a teenager and spend the evening with his friends instead). There is a lot to love about paradise.

Independence Day at Caspersen Beach

This isn't what you would call a great picture by any stretch of the imagination. I just kind of liked how the setting sun was reflected through the damp camera lens that came fresh from the air-conditioned car into the hot muggy Florida air.

Jayden dipping her toes into the Gulf of Mexico.

There were lots of sea turtle nests all over Caspersen Beach.

Silhouettes of Samantha and her boyfriend Derek playing volleyball on the beach.

A silhouette of Jay standing in the setting sun.

Another of Jay in the sunset.

One more of Jayden reaching for the sky.

The Venice pier.

The sun was making it's way closer to the horizon as we sat awaiting the nights show.

Jay, Drew, Tara, Sam, and Derek on the beach.

A boat enjoying a cruise past the setting sun.

Another look at the sunset (sorry... you may get sick of these).

Derek and Sam making their way into the Gulf.

Another sunset picture.

The sun has almost reached the water...

...and splashdown.

The sun finding it's way below the horizon...

...and almost disappearing.

The kids in the water watching the sunset as a dolphin swims near by.

The sun almost completely gone.

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