Jayden's Birthday

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December 6th, 2016              


    Our baby hit double digits today! We hadn't made plans for a big celebration today for Jayden because Drew was supposed to have hockey practice tonight, and we wouldn't be able to celebrate as a family. Drew ended up staying home sick though, so that meant that all six of us would be home at the same time. Tara made a cake that Samantha then decorated, and after dinner we all sang Jay "Happy Birthday" before she blew out the candles. Jay didn't get to open any gifts tonight as her big present from her family is in the mail, and she is getting together with friends in a couple weeks to go to the American Girl Doll store!

Jayden's 10th Birthday

A look at the cake that Tara made and Samantha decorated for Jayden.

Jay smiling as we sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Jay posing for a picture with her cake.

A goofy pose by Jay.

Jayden blowing out her candles.


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