North Jetty Beach

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May 22nd, 2016              

    We headed to the North Jetty Park for picnic with Samantha's U18 Venice Falcons soccer team. While we were waiting to eat we spent some time playing on the beach. Enjoy!

North Jetty Beach

Drew and Samantha checking out the water.

Tara and Jayden near the water.

A sailboat heading to the marina.

Jayden riding the boogie board.

Drew making his way out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Drew riding the boogie board.

A look down the beach as Sam watches Drew and Jay in the water.

Drew looking for a wave to ride...

...and getting overtaken by a big one...

...but coming out safely on the other side.

Jay getting splashed in the face by a crashing wave.

Sam doing her best to avoid the crashing wave...

...but getting splashed anyway...

...before making her way down the next one on her boogie board.

Sam and Drew in the water once again.

Tara talking to her Mom on the phone.

Sam trying to keep her head above water.

A look out into the Gulf.

A bird flying over the water.

A seagull with food in it's beak.

Jay flinging sand while making a sandcastle.


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