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June 20th, 2017            

Nearly a month after their final game, the 2017 Holly Bronchos girls soccer program held their end of the year banquet at Bakers of Milford. After dinner, the JV team was honored first, followed by the varsity program. Samantha was mentioned by the JV coach in his speech for her work with the team and specifically the goalkeepers, as she created a program to work with them and stayed after practice with them when needed. When it came time for the varsity part of the evening, the girls took turns introducing each other to those in attendance. When Sam was announced, she was presented with her varsity letter as well as the award for "Most Dedicated". She was also named a Flint Metro League "Player to Watch" for 2018, thanks in part to leading the team in steals despite missing four games due to her fractured wrist. She also finished third on the team in passes per game, fourth in corner kicks taken, fifth in shots on goal, and fifth in assists for the season. The captains handed out "Paper Plate Awards", and Sam was presented with the "Box of Chocolates" award, because Sam was sweet and full of herself!


2017 Holly Bronchos Soccer Team Banquet

The head coach giving a brief talk prior to dinner.

The Holly Bronchos Varsity Soccer team lined up, ready to introduce each other.

Despite the lights being turned off, Samantha was still able to accept her varsity letter and awards.

Sam introducing her teammate to the audience.

Sam's "Box of Chocolate's" award being presented...

...and accepted.

Sam posing with her "H" varsity letter and "Most Dedicated" award.

A closer look at Sam's "H" varsity letter and "Most Dedicated" award.

Most of the 2017 Holly Bronchos soccer program players (two were unable to make it).

The 2017 Holly Bronchos soccer players and coaches.

The varsity players (minus one).

The varsity players and coaches.

Samantha posing with her friend Mariah.

The four girls who earned their first varsity letter (technically Sam's second, but her Venice "V" doesn't count here in Holly).

The team award winners.

Sam and her friend Lexie.

Sam, Lexie, and Maya.

Below are a few pictures provided by Samantha from her phone...


Sam and Lexie.

Sam and Lolli, the team's goalkeeper.

Another of Sam and Lolli - as Sam tries to stand on her tippy-toes to be taller.

Sam and her Michigan Impact (now Liverpool FC) teammate Paige.

Sam and Victoria.

Another of Sam and Victoria.


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