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January 2nd, 2017              

Game #1

Soccer Zone Grand Blanc Final
The Nut Megs 1
Goal Diggers 0

Samantha played in her first indoor soccer game with the girls trying out for the Holly High School soccer team. Because the field is much smaller than a typical soccer field (think hockey rink size) with only 5 players aside (plus the goalkeeper) and a 45-minute running clock is utilized, this game seemed to be played at a much faster pace than what Sam is used to. She held her own, however, spending the majority of the game in the field but also seeing some action in net. She, and the rest of her team, applied a lot of pressure on the opposing keeper, but a single goal decided this contest. Thankfully that goal came off the foot of Sam's teammate while she was in goal, securing their first victory of the season.


The Nut Megs Game 1 - vs. Goal Diggers

Samantha playing the ball as it bounces off the wall.

Sam dribbling the ball along the wall.

Sam dribbling the ball through the middle of the field.

Sam going after the ball.

Sam got a chance to spend some time in goal relieving the starting goalkeeper today.

Sam lining up a goal kick...

...and taking aim at the ball...

...and watching as it sails down the field.

Sam scooping up a shot on goal.

Sam reaching for a shot that sailed wide of the net.

Sam completing a drop kick.

Samantha, back in the field, battling for the ball...

...along the wall, doing her best to hold off the opposing player.

Sam kicking the ball towards the goal.

The final score resulted in a 1-0 victory for 'The Nut Megs'.


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