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January 10th, 2017              

Game #2

Soccer Zone Grand Blanc Final
The Nut Megs 0
Outsiders 3

Some games just don't go your way, and that was today for Samantha and her Nut Megs teammates. The girls were without their scheduled goalkeeper (due to illness), which meant that Sam had to split duties in net once again. She faced a lot of shots throughout her time in goal, but was unable to stop them all. Before leaving goal to return to the field, she had ceded two goals, both off deflections/rebounds.

Although she was probably the most aggressive player on the field on offense, she wasn't able to help her teammates put any goals on the scoreboard. The fought hard, but a third goal by the Outsiders sealed the deal and took a bit of the wind from the girls sails. The three goal lead held, handing the Nut Megs their first defeat of the indoor season.


The Nut Megs Game 2 - at Outsiders

Samantha in goal, looking for a teammate to distribute the ball to.

Sam reaching for the ball along the wall...

...before moving out of the way of a collision.

Sam rolling the ball ahead to a teammate.

Sam playing the ball along the wall.

Sam bending over...scooping up one of her easier shot attempts.

and scooping up one of the easier shot attempts that she faced today.

Sam avoiding the opposing team while making a save.

Sam reaching out for another save before...

...nearly getting trampled.

Sam kicking the ball down the field to her teammates.

Sam reaching for a save near the wall.

Sam driving a shot on goal from distance while being hit by an opposing player.

The scoreboard showed the Nut Megs on the short end of a 3-0 score.


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