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February 2nd, 2017              

Game #5

Soccer Zone Grand Blanc Final
The Nut Megs 5
F.F.C. 02 1

Samantha's high school soccer team took on an '02 team today, meaning that most of the girls that they faced were a couple years (or more) younger than those on the Nut Megs team. I assumed since these were younger girls playing up a division that it was because they were good enough to outplay the competition in their own age bracket. After watching the two squads face off against each other, I realized that wasn't the case, however. The Nut Megs got on the board first, grabbing the early lead. The F.F.C. team evened things up a few minutes later, but that was the end of their scoring. The Nut Megs netted the next goal moments later, and didn't stop adding on after that. By the time the game ended, the Nut Megs walked away with a 5-1 victory.


The Nut Megs Game 5 - at F.F.C. 02

Samantha playing the ball before it gets to the wall.

Sam knocking the ball away from an opposing player.

Sam lining up a direct kick...

...and sending the ball sailing towards the goal.

Sam taking a direct kick left-footed against the wall...

...and making good contact with the ball...

...and sending it on goal.

The final score of today's game was 5-1 in favor of The Nut Megs, but the scoreboard was already being reset before I was able to snap a picture.


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