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February 9th, 2017              

Game #6

Soccer Zone Grand Blanc Final
The Nut Megs 2
Ankle Breakers 4

Today's game was a battle for Holly High, as the two teams representing the school faced off against each other. Samantha's team came in to the game shorthanded, as three of their players were unable to make it, but they did their best to make it a game. The Ankle Breakers got on the scoreboard first, grabbing an early 2-0 lead before The Nut Megs were able to strike back. The Ankle Breakers scored the next goal while Sam was in net, but it wasn't through any fancy footwork or hard kicks - rather, it was an own-goal as one of her teammates knocked the ball past her while trying to deflect a pass in front of the net. Both teams battled hard for the rest of the game, and each scored one more time, but for Sam and her teammates it wasn't enough to recover from the early deficit, as they fell by a score of 4-2 and have to settle for second place in the school competition.


The Nut Megs Game 6 - at Ankle Breakers

Samantha dribbling the ball down the middle of the field.

Sam challenging for the ball...

...and forcing the opposing player to step on it.

Sam passing the ball back to her defensive teammate.

Sam lining up a direct kick...

...and taking aim at the ball...

...and sending it hard on net.

Samantha taking a drop kick while playing in goal.

Sam watching the action as it heads towards her.

Sam wasn't able to make the save on the shot off of her teammates foot.

Sam dove on the ball...

...and secured the save.

Sam reaching up to grab a shot...

...and cradling it in to prevent a rebound.

Sam making another save.

Sam with a drop kick after making a save.

Sam playing the ball along the wall.

Sam sticking her leg out to knock the ball away from her opponent.

The final score today was Holly 4, Holly 2, in favor of the Ankle Breakers over The Nut Megs.


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