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July 25th, 2017              

Game #11

Grand Blanc High School 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly 5 4 0 0 8     17
Grand Blanc 1 3 5 4 0     13

Position Played:

CF CF CF CF CF      
Tonight's game was an interesting one. Holly travelled to Grand Blanc to face off against the home team for the only time this season (the first scheduled matchup was cancelled).

Holly had a big first inning, plating five runs in the top half of the inning. Samantha did her part, drawing a walk and getting a steal before coming around to score a run. Holly got some decent pitching in the bottom of the inning, snaring three strikeouts while only allowing a single two-out run while maintaining a 5-1 lead heading into the second.

The second inning was another favorable one for Holly, as they scored four additional runs. Once again Sam drew a walk, but she was caught in a fielders choice situation while trying to run to third base, getting tagged out in the process. Holly's pitching slipped a bit in the bottom of the second, as they gave up three runs to narrow the gap to 9-4.

Holly went cold at the plate in the third and fourth innings, including a groundout in the third. The pitching went cold too, as they coughed up their lead as Grand Blanc scored 5 and then 4 runs in the two innings, grabbing a 13-9 lead over Holly.

Holly came to the plate in the fifth inning needing to score some runs to get back into the game. Thankfully they were up to the task, as they would go on to score 8 times in the top half of the inning. Sam even found herself batting twice in the inning, hitting the ball through second base during her first at-bat before grounding out to the pitcher in her final at-bat of the game. She came around to score on her hit, helping add to the team's total. Holly got some big defensive plays in the bottom of the fifth, including the final out of the game on a high pop fly that was ran down by Sam in right-center field to seal the comeback and earn her the game ball. Way to go girl!


HLL Senior Baseball Game 11 - at Grand Blanc

Samantha at the plate looking for a hit.

Sam taking a big lead off of first base after drawing a walk...

...before taking off on a successful steal attempt of second base.

Sam with a lead off of second base.

Sam heading to third base on a teammate's hit...

...before rounding the base to head home...

...and coming home to score.

Sam in position out in center field.

Sam at the plate once again, this time in the second inning.

Sam ducking under a pitch.

Sam swinging at a pitch...

...and driving it to the outfield, but just foul.

Sam on first base after drawing a walk.

Sam back at the plate in the fifth inning, swinging away...

...and making contact with the ball...

...and sending it towards second base.

Sam heading out to her spot in center field.

Samantha racing towards a high fly ball...

...and reaching out with her mitt...

...and cradling the ball into her glove...

...while look the ball all the way in...

...before gathering herself...

...while making the game sealing final out.


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