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July 27th, 2017              

Scrimmage Game

Karl Richter Campus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly Parents & Siblings 1 3 3 0 0 2   9
Holly Senior 4 0 4 0 1 2   11

Position Played:

Samantha and her Holly teammates were scheduled to have their season ending game against Linden tonight, but the Linden coach notified us that they would not have enough players to field a team and would have to forfeit. Rather than have the players end their season without seeing each other or playing, it was decided to hold a scrimmage game against the parents, siblings, and friends of the players on the team.

For Sam, that meant she would be facing off against her father as well as her younger brother and sister. That's right - both Drew and Jay took the field to face off against the Holly Senior baseball team. All of the kids represented themselves extremely well tonight, with all of them getting at least one hit while also making plays in the field.

There may have been some cheating taking place from time to time (wink, wink), but for the most part it was a well played game between the two teams. Most importantly, everyone who took the field had a great time playing. There was only one injury in the game, and of course it happened to one of our kids. Jayden took a laser ground ball off the ankle towards the end of the game and had to be carried off the field. Thankfully she was up and walking around after the game, so no harm done.


HLL Senior Baseball Game 12 - at Linden

Jayden playing in the outfield as one of the dad's patrol the infield.

Drew playing deep in the outfield.

Dan K., Joe's dad, pitching for the parents and sibling team.

Holly Senior's own Ben S. at the plate.

Dakota R. taking his turn at the plate for the Holly Senior team.

Another picture of Jay in the outfield.

Wade F. looking for a hit for the Holly Seniors.

Ben C. ready for the pitch.

Samantha taking her first at-bat of the game...

...and swinging - and striking out!

Matt P. swinging for the fences.

Joe D. at the plate.

Joe K. taking his turn for the Holly Senior team.

The first batter for the Holly Parents & Sibling team was Joe D's brother.

Coach Ian ready to take his hacks...

...and swinging away...

...and driving the ball through the infield.

Ben C. throwing the ball to first trying to pick off the runner.

Matt P's dad looking for a hit.

Chris W's dad at the plate.

Drew finding a pitch he likes...

...and driving the ball to the outfield.

Michael K. at the plate for the home team.

Jayden getting a chance to hit...

...and swinging away.

Jay ducking out of the way...

...of a pitch that sailed inside.

Jay making contact with the ball...

...and taking off for first base.

Jay heading to second on her hit...

...and breathing heavy after running the much longer than usual (for her) base paths.

Jay standing on third base.

Ben C's brother Dillon swinging the bat.

Jay came home to score on Dillon's hit.

Dan K. at the plate.

Ben S's sister getting an at-bat.

Chris W's brother at the plate.

Ben S's dad swinging for the fences.

Ben and Dillon C's mom taking her turn at the plate.

Sam with another at-bat.

Sam swinging the bat...

...and following through...

...and running to first base.

A bunch of the old folks going after the hit.

Drew, Jay, and Joe D's brother nearing second base.

Chris W and Joe K's dads conversing at the mound.

Sam standing on first base after her hit.

Some old, out of shape dude in left field, with Drew and Jay in the field.

Sam running to second base...

...and being held off of second base by Drew...

...but getting back after a carefully placed punch.

Jay racing to third base... Drew tries to interfere with her.

Sam coming around to score a run for the Holly Senior team.

Rodney throwing the ball in to third base.

Sam taking a stab at catching... it didn't go well - she caught most of the pitches with her eyes closed!

A member of Michael K's family at the plate.

Another member of Michael K's family ducking out of the way... Sam snags the ball.

Rodney looking for a pitch to hit...

...and swinging for the fences.

Rodney made it to first base safely after a dropped third strike.

Speed demon Rod running to second base...

...and making it safely.

Rod with a lead off of third base...

...before taking off for home...

...and trotting in to score after a hit by Coach Ian.

Samantha driving the ball...

...and racing down the line...

...trying to beat out the throw.

Sam taking a shot pitching...

...and following through.

Sam pitching once again... Drew!

Drew making contact with the ball...

...and driving it through the infield...

...before racing down the line...

...and still trying to get to first...

...but getting thrown out just before reaching the bag.

Sam tossing the softball in to Jayden...

...and swinging away...

...and making contact with the ball...

...while driving it past Sam on the mound...

...before making it safely to first base.

Jay on her way to second after a successful steal.

Both teams together for a picture.

Another shot of the two teams.

The 2017 Holly Senior team.

Jay chasing after the camera after the game was complete.


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