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September 23rd, 2017              

Game #1

Keystone Soccer Complex - Traverse City 1st Half 2nd Half Final
99/00 Liverpool FC 0 0 0
North Storm 00/01 0 1 1 2
Samantha and a mixture of Liverpool FC club mates travelled to Traverse City for the Autumn Classic. Normally I would say teammates, but this wasn't her normal 99/00 team as we were led to believe. The team for this weekends tournament consisted of 5 girls from the '02 LFC team, and several more girls from the 00/01 team than usually play with the 99/00 team. Throwing all these girls together made for a challenging weekend, as the majority of these girls aren't used to playing together in any form. Despite these challenges, the girls were prepared to give it their all in the top Gold level of the tournament.

On to the game action... For the first 30 minutes, the girls held their own against the host North Storm team. They managed to keep the game scoreless, heading to halftime at 0-0. Unfortunately the second half didn't go the way of the LFC girls, as they surrendered two goals to fall behind 2-0. Despite their comeback efforts, they weren't able to find the back of the net to narrow the goal, and fell by that 2-0 score when the final whistle blew.


Liverpool FC - Autumn Classic Game 1 - vs. North Storm 00/01

Samantha challenging for the ball between two Storm players.

A close-up of Sam on the field.

Sam kicking the ball across to a teammate.

Sam (and most of the athletes this weekend) felt the effects of the 95 heat during the game.

Sam going after the ball...

...and using her body to get it.

Sam knocking the ball away from a Storm player.

Sam settling the ball down with her knee.


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