Game 6

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January 8th, 2017              

Game #6

Evolution Sportsplex - Auburn Hills 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Michigan Impact   1 1 2
AC Milan Detroit 00 Jrs 1    1   1 3

Samantha's soccer game tonight was a rematch between the Michigan Impact team and the AC Milan team that won the previous game by a score of 5-2. Things weren't looking good for a different outcome tonight, either, as the Milan team jumped out to an early 1-0 lead. The Impact girls refused to let that happen, however, eventually netting the game tying goal later in the first half. Despite both teams getting some good looks, the 1-1 score held into halftime. The Milan team got on the scoreboard first again, retaking the lead with another early goal in the second half. Once again, Sam and her teammate's refused to let up, and knotted the game at 2 goals apiece later in the half. While it looked like this game would end in a draw, it didn't end up that way, as the Milan team found the back of the net to take the lead for the third time in the game, and this time they wouldn't relinquish it. Despite a valiant effort, they once again found themselves on the wrong end of the score, this time suffering a 3-2 defeat.


Michigan Impact Game 6 - vs. AC Milan Detroit 00 Jrs

Samantha catching up to a pass along the sideline...

...and dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam battling for the ball with an opposing player.

Sam watching as her kick heads down the field.

Sam running towards the ball.

Sam looking up at the ball before...

...going up for a header.

Samantha on the sideline...

...looking for an open teammate... throw the ball to...

...before sending it into the field of play.

Sam running towards her teams offensive half of the field while playing defense.

Sam looking at the action on the field.


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