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January 29th, 2017              

Game #7

Evolution Sportsplex - Auburn Hills 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Michigan Impact 0 0 1
RSC Lightning 00 White 1 0 1

After a long stretch without games and practices, Samantha and her Michigan Impact teammates returned to the ice tonight to take on the same RSC team that beat them by a 3-2 score in their previous matchup. Unfortunately the time off showed for the Impact girls, as they looking to be just a step slow tonight, missing with their passes and scoring chances throughout the game. The RSC girls scored in the first half, and that was all that they would need to win. Outside of that one goal, the Impact girls did a good job on defense, keeping the RSC team off the scoreboard for the remainder of the game.

Since this was the final game of the indoor season, this marks the end of the Michigan Impact team for this year. On to high school soccer this spring, then tryouts again in the summer!


Michigan Impact Game 7 - vs. RSC Lightning 00 White

Samantha moving towards the ball as it comes towards her...

...but not getting to it in time as an opposing player leaps up to deflect it.

Sam sticking her leg out to try to intercept a pass...

...but colliding with the opposition instead.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam gathering her thoughts during a break in the action.

Sam with possession of the ball, looking to make a pass.

Sam lining up a direct kick...

...and booting the ball towards the goal...

...and watching it as she follows through on her kick.

Sam going after the ball in between two RSC players.

Sam colliding with another player after going after the ball.

Sam getting her foot on the ball and kicking it away from the opposing player.


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