Playoff Game 4

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February 25th, 2017              

Game #4

Polar Palace - Lapeer 1st 2nd 3rd Final
'05 Lapeer Storm 1       1       1  1 4
Ann Arbor Wolverines   1 1   1 1 1  1  1 7
Drew's Lapeer Storm team returned to the ice today needing a win to have a chance to advance in the playoffs. Things were looking good early on as the Storm team jumped out to the early lead, scoring less than four minutes into the game. That was the end of their momentum, however, as the Wolverines scored to tie things up 20 seconds later. The Wolverines scored again two minutes later to take a 2-1 lead, which they were able to carry into the second period.

The second period got off to a quick start for the Storm, as they found the back of the net less than 30 seconds into the period. The two teams traded scoring chances for a large portion of the period before the Wolverines broke through midway through the period, retaking the lead. Not even a minute later they scored once again, giving them a 4-2 lead. Despite their best efforts, the Storm team headed to the final period down two goals and needing a big final period to keep playing.

The third period didn't start off the way the Storm wanted, as the Wolverines scored just a little over two minutes into the period, giving them some breathing room with the 5-2 lead. There was no quit in the Storm team though, as they scored less than two minutes later to bring the deficit back to two. Minutes later the Wolverines found the back of the net once again, restoring their three goal lead. Once again the Storm team kept fighting, and a hard slapshot found the back of the net to once again make it a two goal game. After the two teams went scoreless for several minutes, the Storm coaches made the decision to pull the goal to give them the extra attacker in an attempt to reduce the deficit even further. Although they were able to apply some pressure, it wasn't enough. The Wolverines were able to get the puck out of their defensive zone and shoot it into the empty net to ice the game away. The final score wasn't in the Storm's favor, as they were on the wrong end of the 7-4 score.

Drew didn't have his best game tonight, as he struggled getting back on defense like he needed to. I have a hard time faulting Drew too much for it though, as he was only switched to the position just a few games ago. His experience there has definitely shown him some of the things that he needs to work on to get better.

One last thing... Go Storm!


'05 Lapeer Storm LCAHA Playoffs Game 4 - vs. Ann Arbor Wolverines

Drew skating into his offensive zone in front of the Wolverines bench.

Drew and a teammate squeezing a Wolverine skater off the puck.

Drew moving the puck along the boards behind his net.

Drew keeping the puck in his zone.

Drew patrolling the zone in front of the net.

Drew moving across the crease as the Storm goaltender finishes making a save.

Drew looking down as the goaltender makes a save.

Drew gathering in the puck...

...and firing the shot on goal.

Drew playing the puck along the boards...

...and settling the puck down on his stick...

...and firing another shot on goal.

Drew going after the puck.

Drew and his teammates listening to their coaches between periods.

Drew lined up on defense for a faceoff.

Drew playing the puck, keeping it in his offensive zone.

Drew playing the puck along the boards.

Drew chasing down a Wolverines player...

...and knocking him off the puck.

Drew holding off an opposing player on a faceoff.

The end result had the Storm on the wrong side of the scoreboard, suffering the 7-4 loss.

Drew and his teammates going through the postgame handshake line.


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