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January 15th, 2017              

Game #3

Brownstown Sports Center 1st 2nd 3rd Final
'05 Lapeer Storm 0      1 0 1
Brooklyn Sharks 1 1 1   1 4

Unless the Storm team can pull out a victory (and do so while winning by a couple of goals) then their tournament may be ending with this evening's contest. As only the top four teams (out of six) make it to the playoffs, this is the last chance for the '05 Storm to fight their way in.

Unfortunately this game got off to the same slow start as the first two for the Storm, as offense continued to be their downfall. Once again they went scoreless in the first period of today's action, though they were able to keep themselves in the game with some concerted effort on defense, finding themselves down just a single goal when this period ended. They struggled through the second period again, falling behind by three goals before they finally ended their scoring drought with a late goal to bring them to within two goals going into the third. The final period was a struggle offensively once again, as they once again gave up a goal, returning the Brooklyn Sharks three goal lead. That was the deficit when the game ended as well, as the Storm wrapped up this game (and in turn the tournament) with a 4-1 loss.

There was a couple of things that we learned through this tournament - one being that some of the teams that we faced were '04-'05 teams, while the Storm is an '05 team with a couple of '06's on the roster as well. That doesn't make the losses any easier to take, but perhaps makes them a little more explainable. The other thing about this tournament was that it marked the beginning of the seemingly inevitable move to defense for Drew. He played a few shifts in the second game of the tournament there, and exclusively in this game. As could be expected, he had his moments of struggle, but also a few positive moments as well. Plus, he really hustled when needed.

Although this wasn't the outcome we wanted this weekend, it was an entertaining three games of hockey. Go Storm!


Game 3 - vs. Brooklyn Sharks

Drew lined up for a faceoff during his first shift on defense.

Drew moving the puck along the boards.

Drew moving towards the puck.

Drew going after the puck to keep it in the zone.

Drew trying to move the puck around a Sharks player...

...before getting ran into at full speed (of course, no call, as it was a younger player)...

...before elbowing that player out of the way.

Drew picking up the loose puck...

...and driving into the zone with it.

Drew going to the boards to move the puck out of the zone.

Drew looking to play the puck out of the zone along the boards.

Drew going after the puck once again.

Drew lined up in his defensive position during a faceoff.

A close-up of Drew during a faceoff.

Drew skating with the puck in an attempt to generate some offense.

Drew looking to clear the puck from the zone once again.

The final score, a 4-1 defeat to the Brooklyn Sharks, eliminated them from the Motown Cup tournament.

Drew and his teammates giving their congratulations to the opposing team in the post-game handshake line.


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