Scrimmage 3

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March 5th, 2017              

Scrimmage #3

ESHF Ice Arena - Detroit 1st 2nd 3rd Final
'05 Lapeer Storm 0 0 1      1
Grosse Point Bulldogs 0 1 1 1 1   1 1 6
Today's game was a rematch between two teams that played a close, tough matchup in their previous meeting. Things looked as though that type of game would be repeated today, after playing a scoreless first period thanks to some strong defense and goaltending by both teams.

The second period was a rough one for the Storm team, as they gave up goals in rapid fashion in falling behind by a 4-0 score. Despite their best efforts, the Storm team was unable to break the ice and get on the scoreboard.

The players didn't give up though, and they finally found the back of the net in the third period, narrowing the gap to 4-1. Unfortunately that was it for the Storm highlights, as the rest of the game was all Grosse Point. When the final buzzer sounded, the Storm had fallen by a 6-1 score.


'05 Lapeer Storm Scrimmage #3 - at Grosse Point Bulldogs

Drew and his Lapeer Storm teammates coming onto the ice for the pregame warmups.

The Storm players listening to the coaches before the opening faceoff.

Drew skating with the puck as a Bulldogs player chases after him.

Drew battling for the puck.

Drew skating with the puck across the red line.

Drew challenging an opposing player for possession of the puck.

Drew gathering in the puck...

...and clearing it from in front of his net.

Drew poking the puck away from an opposing player along the boards.

Drew keeping the puck in the offensive zone.

Drew skating the puck around the back of the net.

Drew playing the puck along the boards.

Drew fighting for the puck.

Drew looking to move the puck to a teammate.

Drew skating with the puck deep in his defensive zone.

Drew taking aim on a pass in the neutral zone.

Drew and his tea lined up for a shorthanded faceoff.

Drew settling the puck down...

...and turning towards the goal...

...and taking aim...

...and firing a shot on goal.

Drew lining up another shot...

...and firing away.

Drew passing the puck out of his defensive zone.

Drew hustling back on defense to ride an opposing player off the puck.

Drew protecting the front of his net as his teammate goes after the puck.

The final score of today's game was 6-1 in favor of the wrong team.

Drew and his teammates in the postgame handshake line...

...and congratulating the opposition.


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