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February 11th, 2017              

Game #6

Karl Richter Campus 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Mark Carney State Farm 12 7 19
Nichol's Heating & Cooling 20 19 39

Drew and his State Farm teammates took to the court this morning for their final regular season game of the STPR basketball league, facing off against the first place team. From the onset everyone knew this would be a tough game, but the State Farm players managed to keep it close for most of the first half. A late run by the opposition led to a 20-12 halftime deficit that would be difficult to overcome. Unfortunately for the State Farm team they really struggled in the second half, leading to less than maximum effort by some of the kids. By the time it was all over, they had lost the game by 20 points, 39-19.


Broncho Basketball Game 6 - at Nichol's Heating & Cooling

Drew going up to redirect a shot by the opposition.

Drew going up on defense once again.

Drew got fouled while taking this shot down low...

...but he still managed to get the shot off.

Drew lining up for a free-throw...

...and sending it towards the basket...

...and watching as it heads towards the rim...

...before bouncing off to the side.

Drew taking his second free-throw...

...and keeping his eye on it as it comes down towards the rim...

...but having to watch as it bounces off once again.

Drew tapping the ball out to a teammate on a missed shot.

Drew going around an opposing player...

...and driving his way towards the basket...

...but getting tied up while attempting to go up with the shot.

The final score was ugly for the State Farm team, as they fell by a score of 39-19.


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