Playoff Opening Round

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February 11th, 2017              

Playoff Opening Round

Karl Richter Campus 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Mark Carney State Farm 23 20 43
Lotus Contracting 8 7 15

Going in to this mornings game everyone had a pretty good feeling about the outcome, based on the previous meeting between these two teams. Things went pretty much as expected in regards to the score of the game, but what was unexpected was Drew's performance. He had the game of his life today, going off for 16 (!) points, including two three-point shots. Not only did he set a career high in points, he also grabbed 12 rebounds and made 4 blocks during the course of the game!

While the team won this game, securing a spot in the semi-final round that noon, the bad news for Drew was that he wouldn't be able to make it to that game due to a conflicting playoff game for his '05 Lapeer Storm hockey team. This marked the end of his Springfield Township Parks & Recreation basketball. At least he went out with a bang!


Broncho Basketball Playoff Opening Round - vs. Lotus Contracting

Drew watching as the ball is tossed into the air for the opening jump...

...before jumping into the air...

...and tipping the ball...

...back to his teammate.

Drew lining up a three-point shot...

...and firing away for his first three-point basket of the game.

Drew grabbing a loose ball...

...and turning to take a shot from the lane.

Drew going up to block a shot by an opposing player.

Drew taking another shot.

Drew blocking another shot.

Drew grabbing a loose ball.

The final score of today's game was a 43-15 victory for the State Farm team.

Drew and his teammates lined up after the game.


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