All-Star Game

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June 22nd, 2017              

All-Star Game

Karl Richter Field B 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly Away 2 0 0 1 2 1   6
Holly Home 2 4 1 0 0 9   17

Position Played:

3B 1B CF CF LF 1B    
This year's All-Star Game took on a different form as compared to those we have witnessed in the past, as two players were made captains, and the captains chose the teams, made the lineups, and did everything that the coaches would have done otherwise. Drew wound up on the "Away" team, giving them first at-bats. Since the kids all knew each other and had placed their stuff in one dugout (they didn't know what team they were on until warm-ups were over), the two sides ended up sharing a dugout the entire game. Overall it was a very relaxed atmosphere, and the kids had a great time no matter which side of the scoreboard they were on at the end of the game.

Drew faced off against a teammate in the first inning, crushing one ball towards the fence, but it landed foul. He went on to strike out, but was grinning as his friend had gotten the best of him. For his first inning in the field, he played third base. He did OK, though a throwing error eventually led to a run. He didn't get to bat in the second inning, but moved to first while he was in the field. He made a couple of plays here, being credited with two outs. The third inning was more of the same, except this time he moved to center field, where he saw no action. It was the fourth inning that Drew brought the big fireworks to the game, launching a deep home run that cleared the left field fence, as well as the road behind it. He received congratulations and high-fives all around the base paths, from kids on both teams and even the umpire. Unfortunately there was nobody on base, and that was the only run the team could muster, as they found themselves trailing by a 7-3 score. Drew also made a play in center field in this inning, as he ran to position to snag a fly ball that could have led to extra bases for the opposition. Drew didn't see the plate in the fifth inning, though his team was able to narrow the gap further to a 7-5 score. He moved to left field on defense, but didn't see any action while there. Drew returned to the batters box once again in the sixth, driving another ball deep but foul. He eventually drove one through the outfield gap for a double, before stealing third base and then coming home to score on a teammates hit. That would be the only run of the inning for the Away team, but it made the score 7-6. A little bit of defense and a big seventh inning could give them the win! Unfortunately, the defense part let the team down, as the Home team went on to score 9 runs in the bottom of the inning. The teams were preparing to play one last inning, but lightning in the area ended any home of an Away team comeback, with the final score 17-6.


HLL Baseball All-Star Game

Drew hitting one deep, but foul.

Drew looking for a pitch to hit...

...but only getting enough to foul another one off.

Drew still looking for a hit...

...and spotting a high heater...

...and giving it his all...

...but going down swinging.

After an inning at third, Drew moved over to first for an inning.

Drew in centerfield later in the game.

Drew seeing a pitch he liked...

...and getting all of the barrel of his bat on it..

...and sending the ball flying nearly 200 feet through the air over the left field fence.

Drew was all smiles on his home run trot as he approached first base.

Even the other players were pumped... Drew high-fives all the way around the bases.

Drew was still smiling as he rounded third base for home.

Drew getting a high-five from the ump while grabbing the bat.

Drew got high-fives from his teammates...

...all the way to the dugout, and he was still grinning from ear to ear.

Drew coaching third base later in the game.

Drew playing in left field.

Drew back at the plate...

...spotting another good pitch...

...and making contact...

...and sending it towards the fence once again, but foul once more.

Drew ducking out of the way as the pitch sails straight towards his head.

Drew swinging at another pitch...

...and sending the ball screaming into the outfield for a double.

Drew keeping an eye on first base as his "teammate" (not for today!) tries to make his way towards second base.

The 2017 Holly Major League All-Stars!

Another picture of the players.

Drew with his Runner-Up trophy from Tuesday's contest.


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