Game 11

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June 1st, 2017              

Game #11

Karl Richter Field B 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly Grey 3 0 2 2 0     7
Holly Blue 5 2 3 3       13

Position Played:

1B 1B 1B 1B 1B      
Going in to tonight's game Drew and his Holly Grey teammates knew that they were in for a battle, as they faced off against the first place Holly Blue team. Unfortunately things went pretty much as expected. Holly Grey came out strong in the first, scoring three runs on the strength of strong base running (and an error) that resulted in a homerun, and a double for Drew that drove in two runs. The pitching struggled in the first, however, as they went on to give up 5 runs, mostly due to walks and misplays. The second inning wasn't as good for the Grey team, as they were kept off the bases with three quick outs. The Blue team scored two quick runs in their half of the inning, but a triple play (A TRIPLE PLAY!) by the Holly Grey team ended the inning in a heartbeat. Heading into the third down 7-3, the Grey team was determined to come back. They narrowed the gap with three runs of their own, but went on to give up three runs in the bottom of the inning, giving up what they had just earned. The fourth inning was a duplicate of the third score-wise, as the Blue team expanded their lead further. Going into the fifth inning, the Grey players knew this was going to be their final chance to make a game of it. They weren't able to do so, however, going down quietly to seal the 13-7 loss. One game remaining after today - let's make it a good one Grey!


HLL Baseball Game 11 - at Holly Blue

Drew ducking down...

...and under a ball.

Drew back at the plate, looking for a hit...

...and swinging at a good pitch...

...and driving the ball deep...

...and over the center fielders head... he takes off from the batters box for a double.

Drew in the field at first base, where he made a few put-outs (fielding a grounder, catching some throws to get the runner out).

Drew at the plate once again, watching a ball go past.

Drew swinging at a pitch...

...and missing...

...and nearly coming unscrewed.

Drew was ready this time...

...and decided to swing at another pitch...

...and looking for contact...

...but missing on an outside pitch.


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