Game 12

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June 6th, 2017              

Game #12

Sorensen Park 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly Grey 2 0 0 4 3 1   10
Holly Red 1 1 0 1 2 2   7

Position Played:

1B 1B 1B 1B 1B 1B    
Drew and his Holly Grey teammates took to the field for their last regular season game today, facing off against the Holly Red team for the second time this season. The previous meeting resulted in a lopsided 13-1 victory for the Grey team. Tonight's game would be a bit more challenging for them. They got the first at-bats, and made the most of them by getting a lot of men on base, but they weren't able to take advantage of all of the baserunners. They scraped across two runs, but could have been more. Drew drove the ball in his at-bat, but ended up moving over the runner on base while getting thrown out at first base by the pitcher. Holly Red scored their lone run in the inning thanks to some crafty base stealing, but that was it for them. Holly Grey was kept off the scoreoard in the second, as they entered the weaker part of their lineup, and once again the Red team got a run across the plate, tying the game up at 2-2. Both teams struggled through the third inning at the plate, with both teams failing to score. Holly Grey finally woke up in the fourth, scoring four times, one driven in by Drew on his bloop hit single and another when he came home to score. Holly Red got one back in the bottom of the fourth, but that was it as the two teams headed into the fifth inning with a 6-3 score. Holly Grey got another big inning, this time scoring three, including two thanks to Drew's groundout to first base. Holly Red wasn't giving up, however, and they brought two runs home in their half of the inning to make it a 9-5 game. Holly Grey only needed to score a few more runs to seal a victory, but they couldn't get it done, as they only scored 1 run to add a little to the lead. The Grey team had to change pitchers in the sixth, and that is when things got interesting. The Red team kept at it, loading the bases and scoring two runs with two outs to make things closer. With life still left, the next batter ended up getting a strike three call, but the Grey catcher dropped the ball, which allowed for the opportunity to steal first base. The runner on third came home as the Holly Grey catcher touched home plate, but he wasn't called out until the runner made his break to steal first base. It was a weird sequence of events, but the runner coming home was eventually called out (it would have had to have been either been an out due to the strikeout, or an out due to the force at home), giving the Grey team the 10-7 victory.


HLL Baseball Game 12 - at Holly Red

Drew at the plate during his first at bat...

...spotting a pitch he liked...

...and sending the ball to the infield...

...and getting ready to run... first base, where he was thrown out.

Drew in the field at first base.

Another look at Drew at first base, down and ready for action.

Drew watching a ball bounce in front of the plate.

Drew looking for a good pitch...

...and seeing one he liked...

...and sending the ball...

...into the air behind first base.

Drew rounding second base after a teammates hit.

Drew on third base after a steal.

Drew at the plate once again...

...finding a pitch he liked...

...and driving the ball down the first base line...

...where he was also running.


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