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May 2nd, 2017              

Game #3

Karl Richter Field C 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly Grey 3 0 5 5       13
Holly Red 0 1 0 0       1

Position Played:

1B Sat Out 1B 1B        
Drew's team returned to the ball field on a cold, windy, rainy evening to play against another of the Holly teams. The first inning started off well for the Holly 2 team, as they scored three runs in the top half. Drew wound up getting a single while batting third, and he came around to score one of the team's three runs. Some stellar defense in the field, including by Drew at first base, kept the Holly 5 team from scoring any runs. The second inning saw Drew's team strand a couple of runners on base before they had the chance to plate them, while the Holly 5 team got a second chance after a runner reached base on a called third strike and eventually came around to score their only run of the inning, and what would turn out to be their only run of the game.

Holly 2 would score 5 runs in each of the next two innings thanks to some timely hitting, including a single by Drew, though he was eventually picked off at second base on a caught fly ball. He also Drew a walk in the 4th inning and came home to score after stealing 2nd and 3rd bases. After the 4th inning the Holly 2 team led Holly 5 by a score of 13-1, and the opposing coach called the game due to the mercy rule. While I don't think the score had reached that point yet, it was getting late and everyone was freezing cold, so there wasn't much argument about it. Another W for the Holly 2 team!


HLL Baseball Game 3 - at Holly 5

Drew swinging the bat...

...and fouling the ball off.

Drew driving the ball...

...and ending up at first with a single.

Drew in position at first base.

Drew snagging the ball at first base...

...getting the running out.

Drew reaching for the ball once again...

...and getting another out at first.

Drew ready to bat...

...and swinging at a good pitch...

...and driving the ball through the infield...

...and running down the first base line.

Drew coming into second base after a successful steal.

Drew swinging and fouling off a pitch.

Drew ducking under a high throw.

Drew looking for his third hit of the game...

...but settling for a walk.

Drew taking off on a steal of second base.

Drew ended up stealing third base too.

Drew taking a lead off of third base.

Drew at first base as his teammate delivers the pitch.


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