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December 16th, 2017              

Game #11

Novi Ice Arena - Novi 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Novi FireCats 1 1 1 1 0 4
Novi IceCats 0 0 1 1


This morning Drew and his Novi FireCats teammates would face off against their fellow Novi team, the IceCats. Some of the players from each team have played on the same tea in the past, so neither side wanted to lose this battle.

The FireCats players were definitely ready to go today, as they jumped out to the early lead by scoring a power play goal just past the five minute mark. Later in the period, the two teams found themselves playing in a 4 on 4 situation after some more penalties, and once again the FireCats had some success, scoring again to make it a 2-0 game. Less than 30 seconds later they would tack on their third goal of the period to widen the lead once again. The 3-0 score would stand when the period came to an end.

After the scoring outburst in the first, it took a while for things to get going in the second, but it was the FireCats who once again broke through, scoring their fourth goal of the game with just over a minute to play in the period. They would head into the final fifteen minutes with a 4-0 lead.

It was the IceCats who finally got on the scoreboard in the final stanza, scoring their first goal of the game at the 10 minute mark. They seemingly scored a second goal, but for reasons unknown to everyone in the arena the referee waived off the goal, leaving the score at 4-1. That score would stand for the rest of the game, giving the FireCats the victory over their in-house rivals.


Novi FireCats Game 11 - vs. Novi IceCats

Drew playing the puck along the boards.

Drew skating down the ice while keeping an eye on the action.

Drew circling back near the blue line.

Drew passing the puck ahead from his defensive zone.

A close-up of Drew during a faceoff.

Drew skating with the puck through center ice.

Drew pinching in to keep the puck in the zone.

Drew battling for the puck along the boards.

Drew holding off a slew of IceCats in the battle for the puck.

Drew keeping the puck in the zone after stepping up to help.

Drew gaining control of the puck...

...and lining up a shot...

...and firing away.

Drew and his teammates lined up during a faceoff.

Drew playing the puck in the center circle.

Drew skating with the puck behind the net.

Drew lined up during another faceoff.

Drew going after the puck...

...and making contact with the IceCats player...

...before they both collided into the boards.

Drew chuckling while serving his two minute roughing penalty for the above hit.

The final score was in favor of the FireCats over the IceCats by a 4-1 margin.

Drew and his teammates congratulating their goalie on a game well played.

Drew and the FireCats making their way through the postgame handshake line.


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