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May 10th, 2017              

Game #4

Holly Middle School Field 2 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
U10 Girls #4 1 2 0 1 4
U10 Girls #3 0 3 1 0 4

Position Played:

Forward Goalkeeper Midfield Forward  
Many of the girls from both teams are running in a race this coming Saturday, which resulted in the coaches agreeing to reschedule the game for tonight. Jayden began the game playing forward, and she quickly scored a goal for her team. You could tell Jay was ready to make this game another win since they were playing the same team they beat on Saturday. The second quarter saw much more action despite the fact that Jay was in goal. The opponent had a girl show up who wasn’t at the Saturday game and our girls on defense just couldn’t stop her. The first goal went high over Jay’s hands creating a 1-1 tie. Moments later, a goal came through low that Jay couldn’t quite dive for to save, changing the score to 1-2. Jay wasn’t happy and you could tell she was beating herself up about the goals. The competitive edge was taking its toll and any encouraging words were not helping. Seconds later her teammate scored a goal to bring the game back to a 2-2 tie. As the ball came back down the field, the midfield and defense weren’t helping too much and managed to leave Jay out to dry on a third goal for the other team. At the end of the first half, with Jay happy to leave the net, the game was tied 3-3. Jay went back to midfield, but the team couldn’t pull it together with this “new” player and she managed to score another goal, ending the third quarter with a 3-4 deficit for the Holly #4 girls. Entering the final quarter, Jay and her teammate worked together to carry the ball up the field, and her teammate scored the game tying goal, 4-4, which is how the game would end.


AYSO Game 4 - vs. U10 Girls #3

Jayden chasing after the ball...

...and coming away with it.

Jay running after the ball once more.

Jay looking to the corner while playing in goal.

Jay coming out to challenge for the ball.

Jay scooping up the ball in a crowd.

Jay running out to kick the ball down the field.

Another look at Jay in net.

Jayden back in the field.

Jay running ahead with her teammate...

...and watching the pass come her way...

...before taking it and dribbling away.


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