Game 6

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June 3rd, 2017              

Game #6

Holly Middle School Field 2 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
U10 Girls #4 0 0    1 0 1
U10 Girls #1 1 1 1   1 4

Position Played:

D F G MF  
Jayden and her soccer teammates took to the field in a later than normal game this afternoon, as quite a few of the girls participated in the Patterson Elementary Color Fun Run this morning at school. Although I don't think that affected the girls play today, they didn't seem to be as into the game as they normally are today. Despite their best efforts, they weren't able to keep up with the Holly #1 team as they managed to find the back of the goal once in each of the four quarters. Holly #4 had some good looks themselves, but they weren't able to convert most of them as their shots sailed just wide or bounced off of the post. Their lone goal came in the third period, but that was it for their scoring, as they fell by a 4-1 score to move their record to a very even 2-2-2.


AYSO Game 6 - vs. U10 Girls #1

Jayden gaining control of the ball.

Jay kicking the ball...

...and sending it down the field to her teammates.

Jay challenging for the ball and knocking it away from the onrushing offensive player.

Jay going after the ball...

...and knocking it away from the opposing player.

Jay and a Holly 1 player racing down the field for the ball...

...and Jay knocking it away her.

Jay splitting two defenders while dribbling the ball down the field.

Jay taking aim at a shot on goal...

...and sending the ball on it's way.

Jayden taking a drop kick in goal...

...and taking aim with her right foot...

...and sending the ball skyward.

Jay lining up another drop kick...

...and booting the ball...

...and sending it high through the air towards midfield.

Tyler going down to make a save.

Jay moving out for a quick kick...

...and putting his foot on the ball...

...and sending it flying.


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