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June 10th, 2017              

Game #7

Holly Middle School Field 1 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
U10 Girls #4 1      1 0 1        3
U10 Girls #1 0 1 1   0      1 1 1 5

Position Played:

D F D F  
Jayden and her AYSO teammates face off against the #1 team for the third and final time this season, and the second time in as many weeks. So far team #4 has won the matches by a combined 8-1 score, so the #4 team was looking for a bit of redemption. They got off to a good start, grabbing a 1-0 lead that they held on to through the first period. The #1 team scored two goals in the second to take the lead for themselves, but the #4 team wasn't giving up, notching a tying goal late in the period to go to halftime knotted at 2-2. The third period was pretty uneventful, as goalkeeping and defense held the play, meaning that the two teams started the final period still tied at two goals apiece. Jay's team regained the lead with the opening goal of the fourth, but then some aggressive play by the opposition led to three straight goals and a 5-3 defeat for the #4 girls team.

Although there is one game remaining on the schedule for the season, Jayden won't be able to make it due to travel soccer tryouts as she attempts to take the next step in her soccer playing career next season. Good luck team #4!


AYSO Game 7 - at U10 Girls #1

Jayden going after the ball on defense.

Jay turning the ball away from her team's goal.

Jayden racing with the ball while playing forward.

Jay trying to give her team a goal...

...but getting close to the net...

...and bouncing the shot off of the keeper.

Jay getting to the ball...

...and kicking it away from an onrushing offensive player.

Jay taking the corner kick.


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